Finding your path of least resistance
Initially there will be some pre-coaching home work for you to do.  There will be some exercises to stretch your thinking, give some perspective and explore what you find most difficult and what you find easiest in your life.
After that is done we’ll look together at which areas of life it is that you want to affect the biggest change and start designing a plan for the next 6 months.  
We’re going to work hard at getting you into your natural flow for creating success in your life.  It may well involve changing some well-ingrained behaviours and flexing some little used skills in what you do!  When you find your flow though, you’re going to wonder what on earth you were doing before...
We’ll meet at regular intervals, face to face, where-ever you are that day.  We’ll spend quite a bit of time together, exploring your progress, discussing where you’re going next and most importantly challenging you to raise the bar to the next level.
What you’ll achieve only you can tell, what I can promise is that it will be hard work, fun, interesting and challenging.
Executive Coaching
Boardroom Club
I am running a series of Boardroom Clubs focussing on increasing your personal and enterprise cash-flow in order to increase your ability to contribute effectively.   We’ll be focussing on your path of least resistance in wealth creation using a Wealth Dynamics entrepreneurial profiling system and a good old fashioned focus on the numbers!
Nice things said...
“My opinion of coaches has always been low, although having now worked with Martin that has changed.  (True Professionals in this industry do exist).  In the several projects I have worked with Martin his input has always been beneficial.  I would recommend Martin in both personal and business environments.”
Ian Burgess, IT Director
“Martin has a skill set that helps his clients to achieve both business and personal success. We schedule times to talk on a weekly basis to review progress. The result; a life with more time to focus on what really matters. A more integrated life with clear goals for faith, family, friends, health, community, wealth and my career.
Life is too short and too important to risk wasting on poorly defined dreams and inaccurate life goals. At bare minimum, I would encourage you to sit down for an initial consultation with him."
Sebastian Lyle
MD, Lyle & Company
Executive Coach - Business Mentor -
Master Practitioner in Wealth Dynamics and NLP